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Liv-Pro Probiotics for Poultry -- Proven on more than 200 million birds

Liv-Pro® contains a unique combination of beneficial bacteria, which colonize different segments of the gastrointestinal tract. These bacteria have been specifically isolated from and for poultry, and have been developed, tested and proven to be effective after many years of research and use on over 200 million birds. These microorganisms are also listed by the FDA and AAFCO to be of GRAS (generally recognized as safe) grade.

Liv-Pro Benefits

Our parent company, Maple Leaf Farms, has observed the following in its poultry production from the use of Liv-Pro:

  1. Lower mortality and morbidity rates; elimination of necrotic enteritis
  2. Increased growth rate, feed conversion and weight gain
  3. Increased nutrient absorption
  4. Improved quality and quantity of eggs
  5. Over 90% reduction in antibiotic therapy and the elimination of sub-therapeutic antibiotic use

This success story has helped make Maple Leaf Farms the duck industry leader in the U.S., while producing healthy, wholesome, all-natural and nutritious poultry. Not only has bird health improved, but Maple Leaf Farms has also been able to lower total cost of production due to:

  1. Reduced downgrades and condemnations
  2. Greatly reduced use of costly antibiotics
  3. Reduced feed cost due to better nutrient absorption
  4. Decreased nitrogen and phosphorous content in the litter, lowering negative environmental impact and waste management costs
  5. Less inventory and space are needed due to the concentration of Liv-Pro

Easy and Effective

To allow proper and even distribution of Liv-Pro in the delivery system, we recommend adding Liv-Pro to the birds' drinking water (directly or through a metering system). However, Liv-Pro may also be applied to feed post-pelleting with a sprayer or distributed evenly on the feed before usage.

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Daily Use: Ideally, Liv-Pro should be administered every day as a preventative measure to ensure proper gastrointestinal health and thus, an optimal immune system.

Maintenance Use: Alternatively, a health maintenance program can also be effective but to a lesser degree. Liv-Pro should be administered during the following events:

  • At hatch. The intestinal tract of a newborn is practically free of any microorganisms and thus provides an excellent environment for the introduction of Liv-Pro; this also helps prevent any opportunistic pathogens from establishing themselves in the GI tract.
  • During periods of stress. Shipping, handling, change of diet, vaccine inoculation, temperature extremes, illnesses and other stressors cause the bird to have a weakened immune status and reduced appetite.
  • After antibiotic therapy. Antibiotic treatment not only results in the destruction of pathogens, but unfortunately, it also kills beneficial bacteria. Liv-Pro replenishes the intestinal flora with beneficial bacteria, bringing the bird back to a normal, healthy status quicker.

Liv-Pro Delivers More

In a properly stored, unopened package, MLF Biotech guarantees 2 billion CFUs per one gram of product, and just a few grams of Liv-Pro are enough to treat thousands of live weight pounds per day.

MLF Biotech can also provide effective technical assistance and poultry management expertise since Maple Leaf Farms is a vertical poultry integrator -- we understand your needs better than anyone!