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Detect the overall toxicity of your ingredients, feed and finished food products with a single test

There are potentially thousands of toxins that may be found in food/feed ingredients and finished products. Additionally, the synergistic effect of multiple toxins may reach greater toxic levels than when acting individually.

Testing for single compounds would be both extremely costly and is unlikely to provide much information about overall toxicity.

To solve this problem, MLF Biotech has developed ToxiScreen®, an in-vitro cytotoxicity assay to test food and ingredients for toxic compounds. ToxiScreen is:

  • Broad-range: mold and fungi, mycotoxins, bacterial and chemical toxins*
  • Highly sensitive and reliable
  • Extremely cost-effective

ToxiScreen tests for what is most important – the overall toxicity of food and ingredients. This type of screening should be part of a multifaceted health and food safety program.

While there are some product limitations for ToxiScreen analysis, screening for the presence of toxins that cause cell toxicity and their relative levels in a sample will help further determine its quality.

*Not all molds, fungi, bacteria and chemicals are toxic. The presence or absence of mold and fungi does not necessarily directly correlate to the overall level of toxins.

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